Stainless Steel Rolling Pin

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  • Select from purple or yellow
  • Strong stainless steel design
  • Non-stick feature
  • Ideal
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Are you frustrated with using rolling pins that have ingredients sticking all over them during baking? This Non-Stick Rolling Pin is the number one solution to your problem.

 With its unique stainless steel design, not only will with rolling pin prevent food sticking to it when rolling, but it also offers excellent durability and corrosion resistance. The pin glides effortlessly over dough and other ingredients with a smooth experience and a result that leaves all of the food “off” the rolling pin.

 If you’re a passionate baker or someone who just appreciates more convenience in the kitchen, we think you’ll love the Non-Stick Rolling Pin. You can select from the colors of purple or yellow, which is noticeable on each handle of the rolling pin.

 Lastly, once you’re finished cooking for the day, you can clean it with dishwashing detergent and a light scrub.

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Purple, Yellow


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