Cherry Pitter Tool

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  • Removes cherry seeds within seconds
  • Plastic + stainless steel material
  • Easy to wash/clean
  • Red color to match cherries
  • Quick and convenient
  • Great tool for preparing dishes


If you love eating cherries, then you will certainly love and appreciate this Cherry Pitter! Within seconds of using it, you can enjoy seedless cherries for your personal enjoyment.

 Alternatively, it’s also a great tool for preparing dishes such as pavlovas and fruit salads. The Cherry Pitter is designed with plastic and stainless steel material which can be safely dish-washed for cleaning using warm, soapy water.

 It’s a quick, convenient tool that eliminates the hassle of eating cherries and needing to spit out the seeds. Cherries with seeds can also pose a choking hazard, so removing them is always practical.

 Furthermore, the Cherry Pitter is a small, compact tool that is easily stored when not in use. To use it, simply place the cherries inside the grooves, close the lid on top, and press down to let the stainless steel blades do their job. The results are seedless cherries “ripe” for eating – you won’t ever want to eat cherries without one again!

Additional information

Weight0.31 kg
Dimensions20 × 11 × 6 cm

gray, red


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